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Originally posted by Sean P.
I think NVIDIA will respond with some sort of technical information to try and prove their case...What we've heard so far is a quick response...I'd imagine a more thorough and formal response will be coming sometime this week...

Once we have this information, we can look at both sides and then make our final decisions...
Pelly, how many more "give 'em a chance fellas!" do you seriously expect us to give to nVidia when their attitude seems to be so freakingly blatant BS denial?

No offense Pelly as I respect you quite a bit, but how long do you give nVidia to respond? I really don't feel it should be up to them for when we should be able to render a judgement if they ain't gonna step up to the plate and talk about it.

They had quite a bit of time to address it before Futuremark came out with their findings, yet they didn't.

They could have addressed it Friday when this broke in a much more professional and realistic manner, rather than "Futuremark is being mean to us!"

They are all out of time come Tuesday morning Pelly, there is no excuse for them to not have addressed this yet. Holiday or no, this is company killing stuff here!
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