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Default Re: FX 5200 + Debian Etch won't work for me.

I have to apologise but impatience got the better of me so I tried the latest Ubuntu Live CD on my Media PC (normally Windows) and installed Beryl and it worked beautifully. That has an ATI X600 installed. This was with out of the box drivers.

Tried the same on this machine and it looked bad to start when glxgears showed a 250fps rate but looked very jerky. Loading Beryl turned the screen white and I could no longer do anything useful.

I've now got the hint and reinstalled the 440MX.

I'm going to need some very good evidence that what you'll suggest will have a chance of working before I try again.

To answer your questions specifically:

0) Unable to try at present. What does this actually do?

1) Won't this break Beryl? As you might have read this was my primary reason for upgrading.

2) Yes.

3) I'm not willing to go messing about with custom kernel builds and risking damaging the rest of the system which is working perfectly. If it won't work from the stock Etch kernel then as far as I'm concerned it's dead in the water.

FWIW the 440MX is working perfectly, it's just too slow to run Beryl as a primary desktop manager, and I do appreciate the help.
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