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Default Re: FX 5200 + Debian Etch won't work for me.

Ok, 0) and 1) will be tested when I get a spare hour or two, possibly tomorrow night, 3) is perlexing me though, why would an old card require the very latest kernel?

I'm using 2.6.18-4 and the latest stable is 2.6.21-5. The Ubuntu kernel was 2.6.20-x. The machine is also used in a hobby-server environment so test kernels are not a task to be undertaken lightly.

One other thing I've noticed, all drivers (Etch and Ubuntu) have shown a 1 pixel wide vertical line down the screen which I thought was the monitor, but is no longer present with the old card back in. I'm beginning to wonder if it's the card itself at fault.
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