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Default segfault running GL apps on 100.14.09

Hi everyone,

I am experiencing segfaults when running OpenGL Games. The Games run for a little while (~5min) and then crash:
Jun 22 16:58:11 vr-hunter kernel: [16849.071186] slune[9393]: segfault at 00000000004fdb7a rip 000000000048453a rsp 00007fff0854dfc0 error 7
Jun 22 17:02:53 vr-hunter kernel: [17131.162787] torcs-bin[9616]: segfault at 00000000046de000 rip 00002b9d42f9593c rsp 0000000040875fd0 error 4
Also the performance in Beryl isn't quite as good as it should be. With th Radeon 9700 Pro I had before it ran a lot smoother than with my current GeForce 8600GT.

...I had to cut out some lines of the nvidia-bug-report.log due to forum size restrictions... shouldn't matter though

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