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Red face NVIDIA and RandR


I've been happily running my nVidia Corporation C51PV [GeForce 6150] with the NVIDIA driver (thanks!), but I want to take advantage of my HP L2045w widescreen monitor ... it rotates sideways and it's real long, I'd like to read the text like that ...

But anyway I used to be able to type "randr -o left" and the whole view would go sideways ... now it says I can't do that ... I do have this line in my xorg.conf:

Option "Rotate" "RandR"


Also, another help if you can:

I changed window managers today, and now the best mode for viewing everything isn't the first mode in the mode line, I think it's the second (I type CTRL-ALT-+ and it's the first one I switch to, it's great). So to make it come up first when I boot into X, do I just swap those two first modes???

And the only prob I have with this nice mode is that the screen's a little too long to the right, can I make the screen size smaller for just that mode???

Thank you all so much!!!
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