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Default crappy performance with 100.xx.xx series.

Hello, on both my slackware setup, and a temporary installation of Ubuntu I used for testing, I get much crappier 3d performance with my new evga 680i motherboard and evga 8800 GTS 320MB.

If I revert to the 9xxx series, I get the performance I expect. With the recent console restoration fix in the new driver, (of which I am afflicted) I would really like to upgrade.

I have no idea what's causing this, and I'm really suprised I haven't heard anything about it.

Slackware 11.0, Xorg 7.1.1, Kernel 2.6.21-ck2

kernel config:

Like I said, this happened on stock ubuntu 7.04, so I would have to assume the usual amount of futzing I do with slackware hasn't messed anything up (such as the third party xorg packages im using), and ubuntu also uses later versions of xorg, and the kernel as well. Some kind of bios option messing me up? Driver support for 8800 series no good at this time? I doubt the latter, but I sold my 7900 GT, so I can't test that.

Please assist. Thank you.
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