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Default Re: NVIDIA and RandR

Originally Posted by cindy
O.k., got it. I took out the Rotate option and instead put this:

Option "RandRRotation"

But when I do "xrandr -q" it says I just have "normal" and when I try to rotate left it doesn't work ...
Yes it does ... I get the doofus of the day award ... what you have to do is RESTART THE XDM SERVER ...

So xrandr works great ...

HOWEVER, I still am not sure how to configure my video modes ... I have a few favorite modes ... obviously different ones for normal and for rotated ... but in all my favorite modes, the X server screen is virtually too large, so the cursor swoops over to the left of the screen, or down below the bottom ... is there an easy way (or any way at all) to make it so my modes work to fill the physical screen, and that's all?


(this is me trying to figure all this out)
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