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Default Re: projection vs Plasma

Originally Posted by superklye
As much as I don't care for Sony, I can't deny they make fantastic TVs.
Totally. My 6 year old 27" Trinitron is still in top shape and kicking ass. Too bad I actually notice crt flicker.. otherwise it would be perfect. (for SD non widescreen material anyway)

btw why do you not care for Sony? They are just a company that makes products. I normally could not care less what consumption choices i make.

Originally Posted by evilchris
All of the display technologies are dead. None have any real room left to grow. Too bad SED has basically sunk.

Tube picture quality *still* hasn't been achieved in anything other than SED.

I remember reading about that a while back. Sounds interesting if it doesn't cost a testicle.
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