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Default Re: nvidia-100.14.09 and Xorg 100% CPU

Originally Posted by netllama
I have a few questions:
0) Do you have a reliable means of consistently reproducing this problem?
1) Have you verified that you're using the latest BIOS?
2) Does this problem persist if you disable the Composite extension in xorg.conf ?
3) Was the attached bug report generated while X was hung?
4) Does this problem persist if you're not using vmware?

0. Unfortunately not. But it occurs often.

1. I have received this laptop a week ago.

2. Not tried by disabling Composite.

3. The report was taken while Xorg was consuming 100% of cpu (System was functional)

4. Vmware modules are loaded but, no guest OS was running at that time. I have noticed X hanging while running vmware couple of times. Again, i do not have a reproducible case.
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