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Default nv driver 1680x1050 resolution problem

I am running amd64 7-current and have to use nv driver, since native nvidia is not available for 64 bit (yet). I have a problem of getting a correctly centered display - it is moved right by about 4th of its size. I tried various configuration changes in xorg.conf (modelines, modes, monitor specs) to no avail. nv driver is version 2.0.2. When I tried the one from the ports (older version) the off-center shift was also present, but to a much lesser extent.

I can auto-adjust the monitor (Dell 22" widescreen LCD) to get the correct display. But then the screen from the second computer (i386 6.2 stable running binary nvidia-driver) gets moved.

These 2 computer are connected to the monitor through a KVM switch using VGA cables. Auto-adjusting monitor after every KVM switch is rather nasty.

X log file doesn't contain any warnings or errors, resolution of 1680x1050 seems to be detected.

Should I try DVI connections? It seems there are not cheap and decent DVI KVM switches available.

Any other ideas?

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