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Default Re: What BR movie to get first?

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
I got my PS3 a few weeks ago, and am getting a TV on Monday. What would be the best movie to get to show them off? I would love to do Planet Earth, but the PS3/TV have set me back a bit...I could probably afford it, but I'd rather wait a month...So just like a $20-$30 movie suggestion?
Rent Planet Earth maybe? I think one of the best PQ wise is probably Click. I'm trying to think of everything I've watched so far. I have Stealth and I'm pretty sure that looked good as well. You really can't go wrong from what I've seen so far as all of them look pretty good. Let me rummage through what I have and see if I can find something.

EDIT: BTW, if you want to see a preview for Click just DL it from the PSN store. There are a ton of movies trailers up there, so that might help you decide as well.

I'd be interested in picking up Hellboy or Ghost Rider, both just came out. I haven't seen them yet so I can't comment on them though.

EDIT2: I'm pretty sure Aeon Flux was a pretty good looking movie as well, but it has been a month or more since I've seen it.
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