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Default Re: Pioneer DFP/ GeForce4 DVI-HDMI Finally got 1080i but doesn't look right...

Didn't change anything.

One interesting thing is, I feel like I have changed every possible combination of the ModeValidation parameters. In every case one of two things happens:

1) I get pretty good quality 720p resolution
2) I get 1080i resolution that is very distorted (IE if I right click, the context menu pops up several inches above where the mouse is, there are many weird vertical lines etc"

In all cases, they do not fit on the screen properly (IE the KDE Menu is not visible on the screen. ) This is even the case during POST and before X-Window starts at boottime.

Might I need to reduce it from 1920x1080 to something like 1910x1074? If so would I change it in the modeline, create a new Display SubSection, or both?

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