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Default Re: crappy performance with 100.xx.xx series.

Originally Posted by netllama
You didn't provide an nvidia-bug-report.log in either of the posts you referenced. I have nothing further to say here until you provide the information that was requested.
Well I didn't get a response from nvidia in either post I referenced, but I guess you still have nothing further to say about that.

Additionally, I'd like to know whether this problem is present anywhere other than WoW.
I don't play any other game so yes WoW is the only place I can see the problem. I also run Xplane but with 9755 I get the Xid error+crash solved in 100.14.09+ drivers so I can't use that as benchmark.

Here are some numbers and bug reports - The numbers below are with the same kernel vanilla, running the CPU's at max speed 2.13GHz no 'ondemand' governor set, display set at 1680x1050 at NVidia 8800GTS 320MB .


WoW fps: between 90 to 130 , around 115fps most of the time measured inside IF with no other people around.


WoW fps: between 70 to 110, around 85 most of the time in the same place again with no people around.

This numbers of course, in both cases, are much smaller around 35fps in busy areas etc again with 9755 driver giving around 10fps more but I can't create a test-bed to report fps since the environment is busy places changes all the time (more - less people around).

I don't want to report glxgears numbers since this is no real benchmark but just for the record 9755 gives 4000 more fps.

I also installed pprace (old tuxracer I think) which reports about 250-280 for 100.14.11 driver and about 270-300 for the 9755 driver, again though I don't think this is a 'serious' benchmarking tool.

Hope you now have the numbers and logs and I'm willing to run other benchmarking programs if they are easy to obtain and run.
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