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Default Re: Toshiba 32WLT66 over DVI; "No valid modes"

Originally Posted by netllama
In other words, the manufacturer has determined that these modes are the modes that work best.
Except in this case, they don't, as the modes in the EDID either don't work at all (out of frequency range, as the log file shows), or are horribly distorted and overscanned (the manual even has a condescending remark, saying 'You may notice that parts of the screen are chopped off. This is not a problem, this is how it's intended to be.').

Originally Posted by netllama
Native resolution is similar to a native mode.
You mean to say that native resolution ISN'T the term for the exact pixel dimensions of the screen itself (in this case, definitely 1366x768)? If not, what is?
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