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Default Full-screen openarena problem

After installing F7 and nVidia's Linux-x86-100.14.11 driver, when I play openarena, even if I specify "full screen" mode, the "full screen" only displays within the middle of the LCD display of my notebook, the rest being a black background which the mouse could not go to. This is true no matter what resolution I specify in openarena, even the native 1280x800.

Searching on google, it is very similar to this thread:

Note that with FC6, x86 kernel, and the legacy 1.0.9xx x86 driver, with the same version of openarena ( but x86 of course ), openarena uses the entire display ... but not with x86_64.

I am not sure if this is a problem with using x86_64 instead of x86, or if this is a problem with openarena ... so am posting it here if anyone have something similar. Any ideas ?

Note that opengl screensavers does not exhibit this problem.
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