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Default Re: segfault running GL apps on 100.14.09

The Games were Torcs and Slune (both from the Ubuntu repo). The GPU temperature stays "normal" ~85C and CPU is fine, too. I really don't think that it's something hardware-related as I don't have any of these problems with m$ win games...
Kernel, kernel-mod or opengl seem a probable candidates... But how to make sure?
I didn't run memtest yet (takes forever) but if it was faulty ram, I'd expect the segfault to occur during a typical memory allocation process (i.e. loading the game) and not while playing.... of course you never know...

Ok guys... just updated to 100.14.11 and guess what: The segfaults disappeared! Also Beryl performance seems to be slightly better (could my imagination though)... Funny because i didn't find anything in the changelog that could have explained it....
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