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Default SHM issues with the nvidia driver and beryl

Hi there,

I haver a GeForce 7300 Go (laptop card). I've been playing with beryl for a long time. Right now I'm experiencing the same problems described in this thread :

My keyboard doesn't respond anymore. I can move my mouse (but the pointer doesn't change (if move over a clickable area the hand doesn't show at all). Switching to text terminal impossible. If I log in via ssh from another machine I can see Xorg eating all the cpu it can get (luckly the laptop is a core duo).

Tailing the /var/log/Xorg.log file shows some bursts of this message :

(EE) NVIDIA(0) : Failed to attach to shared memory segment #id_segment

That suggested me to increase shmall and shmmax. As the first is in pages (of 4kb) and the second in bytes, the max values I tried were :


I thought that increasing won't solve the problem. I tried both xorg-server and 1.2.99 RC3, they didn't solve the problem, Xorg keeps eating cpu at will.

As a bonus, I compiled 9631 version of the driver. Telling init to go single user, allowed me to remove 9755 module and plugin 9631 kernel module. When removing the newest one, a message was logged telling me some memory leaks caused by the module where found :

Jun 24 13:37:39 portatil kernel: nvidia0: detached
Jun 24 13:37:39 portatil kernel: Warning: memory type nvidia leaked
memory on destroy (95 allocations, 2427200 bytes leaked).[/

Perharps this is related. Right now with 9631 from ports "seems" work.

Any idea will be appreciated. Is this fixed with the newest version ? (I think I tried and it failed too but I'm not quite sure).

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