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Default 8rda and Redhat

Hey ppl

I too attempted to get the ol nforce 2 going with my epox 8rda+ running redhat 9 over the weekend. Heres how things went:

Redhat 9 - I managed to get the network up fairly easily. All I did was edited the make file (from the root tree of the nvidia nforce install tarball) and take out the nvaudio target so only the nvnet module was made (not really neededm, but there is no point building sound support as iirc, TLS on RH9 screws things up.)

This was not good enough tho. I wanted sound!

So i went and installed Redhat8.

Redhat8 installed fine, only thing i recommend doing is installing the kernel development stuff, this will save your ass.

Then the tar.gz of the nforce drivers installed fine- both sound and network.
(You could probably use the RPM but personally I recomend the tarball approach

Note one thing I had to do to get the sound module to load on boot was to add modprobe nvaudio to /etc/rc.local - hacky I know but the module looked like it was having a spew if it was being loaded with the rest of the modules in modules.conf.

Anyway, with that done a lsmod |grep nv should showup the followling modules:


And possibly 'nvidia' - if your using a nvidia graphics card with the nvidia bin driver.

BTW... For ide speeds
Timing buffered disk reads using using:
hdparm -tT /dev/hda (on my bara V 120gb)

I was getting about 38mb/s
which seems fairly onpar with my old via82c686b mobo.

anyway... have fun, hopefully this post helps someone out there.

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