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Default Re: Pioneer DFP/ GeForce4 DVI-HDMI Finally got 1080i but doesn't look right...

Originally Posted by Writher
I had installed the latest drivers available in portage using "emerge nvidia-drivers"
Portage has everything up though x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-100.14.09:

equery list -p nvidia-drivers
[ Searching for package 'nvidia-drivers' in all categories among: ]
 * installed packages
[I--] [ ~] x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-1.0.9631-r1 (0)
 * Portage tree (/usr/portage)
[-P-] [ -] x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-1.0.8776-r1 (0)
[-P-] [M~] x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-1.0.9746-r1 (0)
[-P-] [M~] x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-1.0.9755-r1 (0)
[-P-] [M~] x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-100.14.09 (0) just have to unmask up to whatever your card supports.

I have one machine with a GeForce MX420 and I have this in my /etc/portage/package.keywords:

<=x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-1.0.9631-r1 ~x86
...and by the far as I'm concerned, Gentoo is the only way to go for a myth box

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