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Default My xorg.conf file hates me

Hello there everyone. I am very new to Linux.

I have an HP laptop and recently reformatted. I decided I'd dual boot XP with Ubuntu. I am running Feisty Fawn. I have a box that connects to the back of my laptop via VGA and then to my TV via composite video (yellow cable).

When I just had XP, I used the box to create a "2nd desktop" on my TV below my main window on the Laptop screen. It is pretty straightforward and simple to do. The 2nd screen has a much smaller resolution because I use it for watching full screen video and stuff, and it makes the quality appear a bit better.

Anyway... I have been trying to find the same kind of support for Ubuntu. Every single HowTo I follow that includes editing my xorg.conf file ends up making X not work... and me having to go back to my backup.

I have tried this method:
And even the slightest changes cause my X to crash when reloading. Also... the section telling me to replace "nv" with "glx" makes no sense because in that section "glx" is there and "nv" isn't. Anyway....

This second method deals with what is listed in this thread:
No matter what I do I cannot get the nvidia-settings to load anything relevant.... it loads that small checkbox window, but when I check
"Include X Display Names in the Config File"
and reload the settings, it gives me the error listed in this thread:
"ERROR: NV-CONTROL extension not found on this Display.

ERROR: Unable to determine number of NVIDIA GPUs on ':0.0'.

ERROR: Unable to determine number of NVIDIA Frame Lock Devices on ':0.0'."

When I try the fixes listed in this thread.... nothing happens... is my nvidia not set up correctly? Does this mean I need more gruesome xorg.conf edits? Sigh.

I have tried searching for nvidia configuration instructions... but have trouble finding anything relevant.

I just want my poor little TV to enjoy my Linux experience. This hurdle is one of the few remaining things that keeps me from going on Linux almost exclusively and XP not at all. I am a newb when it comes to graphics cards and Linux... so I am really without a paddle here.

Please help!
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