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Default mcp51 chipset: usb not working with "noapic" ... system freezes without "noapic"


I filed a bug with redhat / fedora7 or my Compaq Presario V6017AU, which has an nVidia MCP51 chipset:

Maybe I should check here as well if anyone knows the answer. Basically:

1) If I don't specify any boot parameters, I get system lockup.

2) If I specify "noapic", I don't have USB working. Particularly, any usb device attached after startup will not be recognised, even if it was the same device that you just disconnected and tried to attach again under the same "boot session" [ for lack of a better phrase / word ]. USB 2.0 high speed devices that are attached even before startup / power on are also __not__ recognised.

3) If I specify "pci=noacpi" or "acpi=noirq", USB works including usb 2.0 high speed ... but any sound played is stopped every half a second, unless I move my usb mouse which allows the sound to play continuously. If I stop moving the mouse, the sound being played is stopped again. Also, with this kernel parameter, nVidia's proprietary driver does not work.

So basically, I am stuck with the following choices:

1) "noapic" .. USB 2.0 devices are not recognised
2) "pci=noacpi" .. bad sound and no 3D / OpenGL

Any ideas ?
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