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Default Re: Fedora 7 rendering stutter

If you look at the bug report, portion giving the xorg.log, you will see that composite is disabled. Disabling it is almost a requirement to get the simulation to run acceptably at all.

The bug report also gives quite a complete snapshot of what was running on the system at the time in the background, services, etc. As a user, I only had thunderbird email client open. Ive already checked that out by running only the simulation (i.e. nothing started by user).

yes, the bug report was captured during the simulation, as I indicated in my original post.

We have to remember that Fedora 7 is not yet one month old, sooooo we need to make allowances for that alone. Im not discounting that is could be some issue(s) with it.

As it stands, Fedora 7 + latest nvidia drivers are not a very good combo for running games or simulations.
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