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Default Vizio 42"1080p $999

Just wanted to let others know about the deal at Costco...I've been researching at AVS forums for a while now...I'm going to take a plunge at this since I'm budget limited...There have been both great and bad reviews at AVS...It will be my first HD TV, but still if I find problems, Costco has 90 Day return...

Sale starts tomorrow
$1199 - $200 coupon = $999
As with all Costco TV's, Vizio Warranty is 1 yr, Costco adds a second year free.

Vizio Link :

As an aside, for people thinking of using this as a PC Monitor, hold off a bit...There is discussion on AVS if this TV can do it or not at 1920...In the next few days I'll give it a shot...The complaint is a black border around windows and blurry text. Some are suggesting it is because those that have tried are using ATI vid cards...I have no idea...I don't plan to use this with my PC, just my HD TV, Wii, PS3 Blu Ray. I'll try it anyway to let you guys know...

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