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Default Problems witg creative 3d blaster and 4xxx nvidia drivers.

I've not been able to get the 4xxx series to work with my Geforce 3 ti 500 Creative 3d blaster with Gentoo linux. I have a Asus A7M266-D mobo with dual Athlon MP 1900+ processors and 512 megs of RAM.

Whenever I try to start up X it just sits there for ages apparently doing nothing. Attached is the log file for my latest test of the latest Nvidia drivers. I know I don't have my sync rates set correctly but it works with the 3123 drivers fine. Its not a verbose log, but if you want one I can reinstall the drivers and take another run at it.

I'd go on using the 3123 drivers but they're not working with the latest dev-kernels and some other stuff.

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