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Default Re: 100.14.09 with 8600GT - random lockups

Well, I have reduced the lockups down to once every two days or so and I can say that the problem certainly has not been fixed, even thought by getting rid of the Desktop Effects and the proprietary NVidia driver I have reduced the lockups significantly.

The last lockup led me to Newegg to look at ATI cards ( can I say that here? ) and I ran across a review (located here) that says the following,

Other Thoughts: I'm using this with Linux and it works fine with the standard radeon kernel module (no configuration required or proprietary drivers). I wanted to use some of the fancy 3D accelerated eye-candy most distros are now using such as Beryl/Compiz. This seems to work fine with this card, but causes my whole computer to randomly lock-up. I blame experimental Beryl and the newness of the rest of my hardware for this issue. Good value.
I would suggest that the above post indicates this is not a NVidia issue and that there needs to be a comparison as to what has been changed in many of the recent Linux Distros.

As I saw the issue in SUSE 10.2, Ubuntu Feisty, as well as Fedora 7 (final release) but not with Fedora 7 Test 3, I would suggest that this might be able to be traced down using the information I have provided in a comparison to find out what exactly had changed.

At this point, I believe I should probably apologize for posting this on the NVidia forum and I would like you all to know, I appreciate your help and the fine products NVidia makes.

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