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Default Re: Colin McRae DIRT and patch 1.1

Originally Posted by Single Player
i think you need to reinstall your windows One of my friends was having that kinda problem no sound and low frame at some parts of the race. I'm getting low frame too.. but it's only happens for 2 seconds maximum.. from 50 to ~26 sometimes right at the beginning of the race.. sometimes at the middle of the game. Try it... anyway it's good to format your harddrive every 6 mouths, Of course this depends on the user..

format every 6 months?? haha thats not gonna happen.

it takes about 3 days to reinstall everything i use and get it back to state i like the PC. **** that

plus the demo does not have this problem. they ****ed something up in the retail version. Buggy race in the demo, i can play 10 times in the row not a single problem. Same buggy race in Retail Career mode and 100-300 meters after start sound goes out.

btw: format is the cowards way out.
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