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Default Re: nvidia 100.14.0X, Logout or Shutdown make Xorg freeze.

Thanks for the offer.....I will pass for now and just not do compiz for a bit and stick with 11.

interestingly, I finally tried the rollback to 9762 from 11. Same problem as 09/11 back to 9755 -- odd...I may investigate that problem a bit more...(roll back seemed to work un fc6 just fine..)

Originally Posted by neugens
If you want (and if it is legal, I don't know that, but I guess there are no problems), I can post you somewhere the rpm that I use with the 9762. It is based on the livna srpm, but rebuilt on the latest kernel, it is easier to install and will not mess your system. Note that of course it is completely unsupported by livna, red hat, fedora, [and above all] nvidia, me and whatelse
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