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Default Re: The Darkness Review

Originally Posted by S.I.N
Why does it matter if its using the UT3 engine? It looks good as is.
I didnt like the Riddick engine. It was too dark and doom 3-esque. If this is just an update to this engine as i've now been told, then I know I'll hate it. If it was a brand new engine or yes, the ue3.0 engine, Id give it a shot. But a recycled engine with a few added lighting effects and some updated textures all still in the dark atmosphere I hated in the original engine....i'll pass. Plus I also read it's extremely short.

Hour of Victory ironically is on the ue3.0 engine, not that I knew it when I played the demo. I just found the demo to be pretty fun, very arcadey, call of duty is fine and all, but it gets old, fast to me, this on the other hand had a gameplay-style that I wasnt sick of after playing the 3 missions in the demo.

I'm not a Unreal Engine junkie or anything, I just think right now, it's the most advanced engine out there, I am worried though, so many developers using the engine, I think in 2008/2009, a lot of games are gonna end up looking way too much alike. Kind of like back in 2001 when everyone under the sun was licensing the Quake 3 engine.
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