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Default Re: What are most current vidcards supported (need dual DVI for 30" display)

Originally Posted by davidhartley
I'm building a Linux box, probably using Novell Suse enterprise 10

-need to know which video cards are relatively well sorted out;
plan is to use two PCIE-16 vidcards which each have dual DVI, in order to support two 30" displays (which each have DVI-D input)
I think it would be easier to just have a single PCI-E card with dual dual-link DVI. Based on an earlier post you need a G80 series card which from what I have gathered is an 8800 chip set. Earlier cards had a virtual screen limit of 4096x4096 but the G80 cards bump it to 8192x8192. Those cards are around $300.

My question is do the 8500/8600 cards (G84/G86) also support 8192x8192? I can get one of those for $120. I don't need high 3D perf, just dual 30" LCDs.
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