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Default Re: The Darkness Review

I didnt like the dark atmosphere the engine was's that?

I figuered "darkness" would be a dark game, but using a new engine, I figured while dark, it would still be viewable. That riddick engine was just a mess imo.

And I agree Roboblitz and Gears do suck. I'm not saying the engine makes the game but I'm not gonna lie, it is the first thing I look for. Gears looked decent but it was a tired old story told a million times and ended way too quickly.

All im saying is, and my original point is, darkness looked pretty ****ty to me and it's saving grace was " its using the new unreal engine" so once that was taken away, I have 0 interest in wasting my time or money. Hopefully it turns out to be fun and I insert foot in mouth. Just trying to explain myself. I dont base how good a game is on the engine, but the graphic engine IS usually what attracts me to the game. Now feel free to decipher that post anyway you may like. =) heh
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