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Default Re: Colin McRae DIRT and patch 1.1

Originally Posted by MaXThReAT
1600x1200 4xAA 16AF Ultra Settings 25-30fps. X2 still holding up pretty good. This is the funnest, best rally game I have ever played...That is all.

Originally Posted by zer0
with 10 opponents?

thanks for the info... this means that i can just upgrade my single core s939 to an X2 s939 to save money.
Correct, I see very very little slow down if any at all with a full track. It's a pretty solid 25-30 no matter what. I think you can get a X2 3800 for like $80, not bad at all OC it to 2.5 or higher. I've had my eye on an Opt 185 for the extra clock speed and L2 cache but they're still $245 but IMO thats too much when compaired to C2Ds performance so I'm saving up.
I haven't had a single sound issue, is it just in Vista?
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