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Originally posted by Behemoth
because i have realised my understanding of "shuffle instruction" is so different to many others in here, its so interesting i would like to share with you all guys
if nvidia brought up such terms, i would probably do the same depending on how people understand it, and of coz people are not gonna believe nvidia if they say "shuffle instructions"
nvidia did not shuffle instructions though

btw... how is it possible for futuremark to cheat ?

it is THEIR benchmark... THEY are not an IHV that is running hardware using the software... I have no idea what you mean by futuremark cheat...

further.. ET did not GUESS... they had enough evidence to suggest it was put in place on purpose... ie... code chcked applciation being run and ran optimizations based on that info...

couple of other things..

you read through the futuremark report... they have provided the FILES that nvidia's drivers changed and replaced in order to run the benchmark...

there have been pictures posted on various websites incl this one showing the difference in precision as well in gt4 in the water.. and we have already seen teh sky

concerning the optimizations... read up in these forums about what uttar has to say as well as checking the frontpage of for sweeny's explanation of shaders and optimizations...

perhaps that will shed some light


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