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Default Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11

I have two issues. The first, and more pressing, issue is that nVidia's 32-bit OpenGL libraries are not working. At all. It seems to be an issue with the compile, but I've only looked at it briefly before making this post. The second is the poor performance I have been getting from my card - since purchase, not just since these drivers; I've just had it on the back burner.

Details on the first issue - I was getting an error message from applications' output, reading something to the effect of "Unable to load /usr/lib/ invalid ELF header(format?)". I know at first it was unable to load the one in /usr/lib64 as well, but I believe I got that fixed with a rerun of the nVidia installer. Now I believe the issue is only with the /usr/lib ones. However, it's difficult to get output from these apps - because 99% of the time, the system completely hangs. No response, no activity light, no CTRL+ALT+F1-F6; I haven't tried SSHing in because I don't have another box running on the network right now, so it may just be the X server hanging. Oh well, back to 9782.

Details on the second issue - I definitely have hardware rendering enabled ("direct rendering: Yes" as per `glxinfo`) - however, most games perform as if I'm running them with onboard video (except, they don't eat CPU time like they would if I were running onboard). This, obviously, is less pressing.

I am running openSuSE 10.2 on x86-64 (AMD optimized kernel). Kernel is optimized to use very few modules. Attached is a copy of the nvidia-bug-report created when I was running 100.14.11.
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