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Originally posted by Spotch
NVIDIA has taken the same route as Kyle? Your joking right? Kyle has NV's cork up his sellout arse and thats the fact jack. I wouldn't be surprised if they put him up to his original Futuremark attack with promises of gold and jewels. (And more special Doom 3 like benchmarks) He is in this for the money... he is no longer a journalist, he is a billboard with NV Biach stamped on his forehead! But thats just my opinion, yours may differ.

since kyle came out with the first jabs @ ET and futuremark... it is only fair to say nvidia is taking the same route as kyle don't you think ?

after all nvidia's first word on this has been this week... a few days ago... kyle has been discussing ET's ethics and futuremark's test and its validity far before nvidia decided to release a statement...

ergo.. I am not joking... I am posting with consideration to the precedence established by kyle in this matter considerng 'optimizations and cheats'
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