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Default Re: 100.14.09 with 8600GT - random lockups

I have the same issue here.

Just build myself a new system. Move from Skt 939 to Skt AM2 so a move from AGP to PCI Express and from DDR to DDR2.

I installed and fired up, no problems for the first night of use, about 4-6 hours, but over night it froze and it freezes just after login ever since then.

Logs have a CPU#0/1 lookup followed by what looks like a trace.

I have blamed faulty hardware here and have had a mate test my new CPU etc. I will now look at the Graphics card. I thought I tried the nv driver, but it didnt work, so I assumed the 8600GT was not supported with it.

PS I booted with the Kubuntu Fiesty 7.04 CD and it seemed fine, so clicked on the installer icon and BAM! froze again!
I am pretty sure the CD uses the nv/open source driver.
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