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Default Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11

0: I built it myself. I agree, SuSE kernels are pretty poor from an optimization standpoint

1: Yes, ever since I ran cable to this room for a switch, I haven't used the wireless card. I don't even bother loading those modules anymore; I'm not sure why the errors are being output at startup.

2: A couple times, the system didn't totally hang. I was able to get output from the (either crashed or unusable) applications, stating that there was an error with; however, when it did hang, it occurred during the same operations as the error output. 100% definitive? No, but it's a start.

3: Most of the games I play are Windoze games, using either WINE or Cedega. Most often I play EverQuest 1, using Cedega. However, every game I play; ranging from EQ, to Dungeon Siege 2, to Starcraft (I can't say it's a noticeable issue here - 10 year old games ftw ), to all native games that came with my distro; exhibit a poor frame rate. 99% of the time it isn't enough to make the game unplayable, but it is annoying. Even disabling composite extensions, I still get a steady 75ish FPS in glxgears. No, the 7300GS isn't a high-end card, but it's not on-board - I should be getting several thousand frames per second in glxgears.

4: Yes. I updated it recently, and there was no change.
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