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Originally posted by Spotch
There is a difference between precedence and coincidence. Even assuming Kyle's bed buddy at NVIDIA didn't talk him into posting the reaction on [H], it is still incorrect to say that a multi-billion dollar corporation took the same road as some hack on a website. Besides, I am certain Kyle's mind was made up for him by NVIDIA and he, being an uncouth young lad, recklessly blurted it out like a kid who couldn't wait to tell the whole school about his first lay.
it is possible.. no doubt...

my point was not to make out that nvidia and hardocp are bed buddies...

that is your assumption... and I will leave it at that...

my point in the initial post followed from the rest of what I posted...

implication was that nvidia has done like kyle in not addressing the issue @ hand but rather pointing out other things that should have no bearing on the matter @ hand...
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