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Default Disabling EDID for one monitor but not another

I have a dual-display setup running on a Quadro 3450 with one rather old 22" SGI CRT and a Dell DFP. To get them to both behave I have had "Use EDID False" set for the CRT (as the EDID values it returns are awful don't allow me to get the 1600x1400 the screen does beautifully) while using the EDID values for the DFP.

I've just upgraded the driver (to 100.14.11) and a few other things and have run into a problem. The "Use EDID False" setting now effects both monitors, not just the one with the setting in its entry in xorg.conf. This means I can either have the CRT working with Use EDID False and the DFP locked on 640x480, or the DFP working fine at 1280x1024 and the CRT all wonky at 1400x1200 max with Use EDID True.

Why can't I turn off the use of EDID for a single monitor anymore?

I've not wound back to an earlier driver yet but will do so to see if that fixes things. Still I'd like to think I can update my nvidia drivers without losing my dual screen setup.
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