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Default Re: Advice to driver programming 100.14.09

Hi netllama,

Previously I own a 8600GT and it is only supported by 100.14.11 , but not 1.0-8762, so I could not distinguish if the card hardware or the driver software has problems on xvideo vertical sync. The problem is, for a card having dual DVI-I outputs, while the first output is perfect, it always has xvideo tearing on 2nd output.

Today, I have bought a new card, which is supported by old and new version of the drivers, and I observed that, the same card exhibits different results with different driver:

Card: Leadtek NVIDIA Quadro FX 560 PCI Express, dual DVI-I outputs
Driver version: 1.0-8762
XVideo Result: Both VGA outputs are perfect, no tearing
Driver version: 100.14.11
XVideo Result: CRT-0 is perfect, CRT-1 has tearing

Hence, in old driver I am able to sync XVideo output to individual monitor automatically for each of the dual outputs, but in new driver I could only sync to one monitor at any time, and that results in tearing all the time for 2nd outputs, and I can't do anything special to rectify it.

Therefore, vital changes has happened in the software driver, which should not have.

Why would this happen?

Best Regards.
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