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Default NVS 285 PCI-Ex Graphics Card support

We are trying to evaluate and verify a Single board computer, model BCM-ECB 5945 GM, which has the intel 945GM Chip set.

I am using NVS-285 Pci-Ex x1 Connector, and Fedora kernel 2.6.18. I am able to get the dual displays of the graphics card, but I also need to get the inboard VGA / DVI output. At this point when I plug in the NVS285 I loose the onboard VGA display.

I tried to find out if there is any changes in the BIOS and could not find anything that would help.

We tested the same intel chipset on Windows and were able to get all the three displays working, so it seems to me that the NVIDIA driver or the Linux kernel disables the onboard display.

I read in some forums that on PCI-Ex disables the on board PCI VGA port. Can anyone confirm that please.

I would really appreciate if you could provide us some feedback as to how we could get all the three displays under Linux if possible.

As a side note I was able to use the same chipset and got PCI version of graphics card NVC 280 come up with all the three displays.

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