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Default Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11

Well, off the top of my head, I use CVS-driven WINE RPMs, for starters. This would explain the issue if it occurred only in WINE - naturally though, this is not the case

Aside from that, Cedega isn't stock - but it's the same Cedega all the other subscribers use, and I use the -suse RPM. Looking through YAST, most of my installation sources are official SuSE repositories. The only ones that are not official are and - both, although not official, are made specifically for SuSE. All others are auto-detected SuSE update repos, or repos, each specific repo being /openSUSE_10.2 or /SL10.2, etc.

The only software I've installed outside of using YAST/Zen would be end-user apps, such as games or Cedega, and the nVidia driver, for which I run the installer and let it compile the kernel interface on its own. I use SuSE's own kernel-source RPM, the only changes I make are configuration. I haven't applied any patches. I don't install core system packages outside of RPM, such as libc or X.
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