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Originally posted by StealthHawk
Well, yes. Because they re-wrote the shader, by shuffling the instructions.

Even though in 3dmark03 the shader program has a specific correct output every time, that does not change the fact that they are using a general algorithm, which hypothetically coudl have different inputs, and thus different outputs.
hmm maybe its just me, i cant believe they dont use it just because people think its a cheat when its actually not a cheat. this is just stupid, imo.
edit: and obviously ati have to detect and alter the codes in order to facilitate the optimization, if the catalyst maker wanted it so bad to back out the optimization like he said in your link, its even more unbelievable, since all he has to do is swap the better ordering shaders in next driver, no more driver detection, no more code alteration, it should work in all cases, hence its very hard not to think they are mathematically functionally visually identical on GT4 sky and water only.

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