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Default Ti4200 slow & sluggish

Intel 1.5 Ghz
500 MB RAM
Ti4200 128MB

Tried using :
Ubuntu 7.04
Ubuntu 6.06
Ubuntu 6.10

Tried using :
Official nvidia drivers (several version)
Ubuntu provided drivers (nvidia-glx, nvidial-glx-legacy)

The effect is the same regardless what I do : The UI response is very slow. There is noticeable delay when resizing windows and minimizing/maximizing windows.

I've even swapped my Ti4200 for a TNT2 and guess what ? Performance is almost exactly the same.

The Ti4200 is strong enough to handle the GNOME UI and you'd think since I've tried several drivers I'd find a solution, but I haven't.

So here is the question of the hour : How can I resolve this issue ?

EDIT : I'm done, if a driver issue can't get fixed in 6 hours (over two days time) I'm not interested. Good luck to anyone else who has this damn near impossible problem to solve

I don't have the time for this nonsense.
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