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Default Re: Satisfaction / dissatisfaction with nvidia

Originally Posted by noobiedoobiedo
Any nvidia driver I've used has been total crap. And the bits I've seen from "nvidia employees" here is total crap also. They seem to be talking DOWN to the customers (us) and like to pretend the issue ISNT with THEIR drivers.

Here's how I see the conversations going :

user : I upgraded to Fiesty (or whatever) and now I have issue XYZ
nvidia : oh well did you make sure your bios is the latest version ?

I've worked technical support before and I see what is happening here, they are trying to offload THEIR issues onto other vendors.

I'm sure someone will come in and tell me im wrong and whatever else, I don't care.

Nvidia is trying to shift the blame for their poor performance and the "employees" main job here isnt to HELP you but to preserve nvidias 'image'.

6+ hours of trouble shooting, installation of multiple drivers = no resolution.. thanks a lot nvidia !

(never buying anything nvidia again)

edit : I don't doubt for 1 second this poll has been rigged and nvidia has told it's employees to come here and vote in the companies favor. Ive seen this happen before. Companies are only interested in maintaining the illusion that they are helping their users.
Since is your thread in question I'm forced to ask how is performance using the 'nv' driver?

The suggestion of a BIOS update is completely satisfactory and reasonable due to APIC and AGP issues/compatibility/bugs.

I think you're a little jaded/upset because you didn't get [insert magical answer] coupled with your lack of information regarding the required Nvidia bug report as well as other detailed system information.
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