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Default Re: Video capture support on Linux.

I am a longtime user of "alternative" OpSys considering my first real GUI (not a dos shell) was OS/2 v2.0. So I've grown accustomed to that lil' extra searching before I buy hardware, making sure they/it is supported in that non-M$ environment, preferably w/o having to shell out extra bucks for such as SciTech Snap drivers. After IBM's undeserved embarassment at the hands of Win95 (the deserved embarassment is with their horrible marketing, not their coders) support really fell off in OS/2 so I began the migration to Linux. My revenge is that I build systems so I not only buy hardware for myself for those that support other than the Wintel monopoly, but for others as well and talk them up every chance I get, ever since 1994. Since 1996 I have bought and used on all my systems some hundreds of video cards, all nVidia since then and that commitment only increased when real 3D accellerated drivers became available for Linux, despite kernel tainting.... lesser of evils seems pretty easy in this case. Now that Vista is out and the real direction of MS is more visible than ever (I wouldn't even *pirate* it!) and that the real value of low latency stable, solid OpSys is even more apparent, it is crucial that support in Linux increase so that even dual boot or dual machine becomes totally unnecessary so that basically everything can be done in virtually any system if computing is become transparent and grow to truly serve humanity (will computers ever become obsolete to the human race?). So, yeah... It *really* matters to me that nVidia or any manufacturer desiring my support works to achieve a level playing field with their drivers, especially in a superior environment. So not only will I continue to support nVidia if it continues to support me, but conversely I will jump ship in a heartbeat if someone else finally sees the writing on the wall and votes for longterm quality over temporary popularity by actually increasing their support and ACTUALLY ADVERTISING IT ON THE BOX. Equal value for equal value... isn't that capitalism at it's best?
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