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Default Re: The Darkness Review

A few questions about the PS3 version...

How does the achievements works? There's a list on the main menu called "Achievements" listing 50 things to do? If so, it's identical to the 360 version except they are added to the gamescore in the 360 version.

How's the video quality on the TVs in the game? Since PS3 has bluray I'm expecting that to be vastly better than the 360 version. On the 360 version the video quality is rather similar to youtube. You can see obvious compression artifacts and text is very hard to read (only the title logos for the movies/shows are readable, any other text impossible to understand).

It would be interesting to see a graphical comparison of the different versions, but unfortunately I have no way of taking high quality pictures from my 360. Hopefully will release a comparison video, they've done that to many previous 360/PS3 games.
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