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Default Re: crazy colors! 100.14.09 with 8600m on macbook pro

I've only got vesa drivers working on mine. With NVidia I get the crazy colors also. It's the 128MB 8600m, 15" macbook.

Do people have any leads on what is causing it? Like has anyone got these problems on a single boot linux machine or only with refit and dual boot?

I think it is more in Apple's interest than NVidia's to fix this problem. I know a lot of people have bought mactels as an alternative to a pc with the belief that they will be able to run linux. The older models could run the mac version of linux, but with the switch to intel they have removed that option, so really should make sure the macbooks they release are compatible with x86 versions of linux.

It feels like the macbooks have been undertested, and there isn't enough native intel osx software around to use on them, but they can't run other operating systems properly to make up for the problem. They really need to realise that no one wants to buy a beautiful new computer with great specs that borders on useless except for doing a few basic tasks that any far slower computer could do anyway. They say they are in touch with customers. At the moment I'm feeling that even microsoft would care more about what they released. I'll also note that all support on the apple website is for the older macbooks and there is not a section to do with the new ones. All in all its a pretty lazy effort.

Will be eternally grateful to whoever can fix this problem and make my macbook more useful.
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