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Default Trouble Installing GF4 Ti4600

Iam having trouble, installing a Gainward Geforce 4 Ti4600 in my sisters PC. She wanted to play Serious Sam, and wondered why she was getting an error that wouldn't let her play. Well turns out, the card isn't even installed properly.

Ive tried some old drivers, that worked really well when i had it, 41.09, and ive tried the one's that Nvidia's site gives ya, with choosing GF4.

Anyways, the card is detected fine, get the boot screen, saying it's there fine, and when i boot to desktop it tells me new hardware detected. I install the drivers, or so i think, they seem to install fine. Re-boot, and it's exactly the same, they haven't installed, theres nothing. Ive tried cleaning with driver cleaner, and same. The desktop is at proper res, but only lets me use 16-bit colours as well.

The system, is a Xp1700+, old ECS mobo, 500W Antec, 512mb RAM, etc.

Any ideas, cheers.
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