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Default I can't set right bootsplash resolution for a 1440*900 widescreen

Hi everybody!

First of all, excuse me for my worst English (I'm Italian).
It's a few that I try to change my splashscreen resolution on my Kubuntu 7.04...I have a 1440*900 widescreen monitor and a GeForce Go 7600, but when I've tried to modify /boot/grub/menu.lst and write the vga code (vga=867), it seems not working.
Instead, until I've modified menu.lst and also /etc/usplash.conf, when I shut down PC the usplash seems to work, but only for a few seconds...after a while, monitor turns black and when reappear the usplash it's as ever (with 1024*768 resolution, I say).

At the boot, instead (ever when I've modified menu.lst and usplash.conf), usplash don't start and give me this error:
'You passed an undefined mode number. Press <RETURN> to see video modes available, <SPACE> to continue or wait 30 secs'
When I try to press R (for <RETURN>), PC gives a 'bip' and don't do nothing, so I have to press spacebar or wait to start the session.
Someone says that probably it happens because this mode isn't supported by my graphic card BIOS (it's, but I don't know it.

Is there a definitely way to change my resolution?
Thank you for the answer, and excuse me again for my English.

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