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Default Re: SHM issues with the nvidia driver and beryl (more things)

More things. Until now I was using a patch to solve beryl update problems. I'm attaching the patch. It just forces an screen update in both whenever a damage event happens, both partial or full screen. That patch gives you frames per second, instead of seconds per frame (this is, It was extremely slow, no one else is having this problem?).

So I have done the following :

0.- cvsup the port tree (removing that patch).
1.- Rebuild in force mode x11/xorg via portmanager (portmanager x11/xorg -f -l)
2.- Rebuild beryl ( portmanager x11-wm/beryl -l -f).

Everything goes sloooow. No shm problems, because It hadn't got enough time (i think). With the patch I happended inmediatly. Perharps you can reproduce the problem with this patch (it must be applied from the work/beryl-core directory, "patch -p0 < patch-display" . Got to rename it to .gz, it is not compressed)

Any idea ? I'm desesperate.
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